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Sophie Aldred brought us the incomparable Ace who was companion to the Seventh Doctor. She was a 20th-century Earth teenager from the London suburb of Perivale, (My first job was in Perivale). Ace matured significantly into a strong, independent adult over her many years of TARDIS travel and other experiences, who was capable of surviving on her own. Eventually,  Ace attended the Academy on Gallifrey, becoming a Time Lord. With this, she was given a TARDIS of her own and she became an agent of the Celestial Intervention Agency, from there and partially due to the impending Time War, Ace had her memory erased, was returned to Earth. There, she set up a charity - A Charitable Earth - dedicated to helping Orphans. Sophie Aldred played Ace from 1987 to 1989 and appeared in 31 episodes.  Sophie is a wonderful warm person, who was an absolute joy to meet.  She has all the time in the world for everyone and is a very genuine caring person.


SKU: HH314
  • This item is exclusively hand made and designed by us in the UK.

    This figure stands approx 5"-6". 13cm-16cm and it is made from 100% Acrylic Yarn, using safety eyes and stuffing where appropriate.

    These figures are not toys. They are collectable items and are not suitable for young children.

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